Criteria for choosing a safe interior for consumers’ health


Furniture is an item used by most families. Not only with the solid, multi-purpose properties, the interior also enhances the value of the house. But not everyone knows how to choose the right furniture and knows the rules about safe furniture. The selection of poor quality furniture will seriously affect the health of yourself and your family. Together learn Nội Thất MOHOto save secrets for choosing safe furniture right away.

1. How is the interior safe?

Concept of safe interior or “branded furniture” It is not too strange for European countries, the USA, Japan … In these countries, furniture products made from industrial wood are only allowed to circulate on the market after going through a rigorous inspection process. Typically an interior product that is considered safe will not contain formaldehyde or if it must meet the standard for formaldehyde content in wood production.

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2. Characteristics of an interior safe

In the Vietnam market, regulations on the production of wooden furniture are still loose. Industrial wood furniture is rampant in the market and there is no verification process. More than ever, consumers are victims of serious health harm. To select safe products, the following criteria should be noted:

  • Safe interior with no formaldehyde (this is the smell that smells and tarry in the nose, especially for newly purchased interior products)
  • 90% natural wood grain, wood does not smell toxic
  • High resistance to mold moisture, not the termite’s phenomenon
  • Especially good impact resistance, sustainable

3. International standard for safe furniture

Standard E0, E1, E2

This is a standard measuring formaldehyde emission into the air, mainly applied in Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. In particular, the E1 standard is the most stringent; the Content of Formaldehyde in furniture made from wood must be less than 0.05%.

To achieve interior standards according to standards E0, E1. E2 The manufacturer needs to give samples to the LABs for testing and to achieve the HCHO results below the requirements are completed.

CARB-P2 standards

MOHO achieved CARB-P2 certification in manufacturing safe wooden furniture

CARB-P2 certification is considered the highest standard for industrial wood products. Issued by the California State Committee of Air Resources Control. Carb-P2 is the standard applied to wood furniture applied in Southeast Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

According to this standard, the concentration of Formaldehyde contained in industrial wood furniture must be less than 0.11%. In order to make CARB-P2 compliant products, the manufacturing unit needs to be accepted for evaluation by an authorized and functional organization.

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4. Where should buy safe furniture?

Where to buy safe and quality furniture is a question that many people wonder. Understanding that problem, MOHO was born with the mission to bring a perfect experience for home furniture consumers from design to quality.

MOHO Furniture commits:

✅ Environmentally friendly: Receiving Forest Protection and Development Certification – FSC & 100% Recycled paper packaging ✅ Health safety: Certified formaldehyde emission reduction – CARB P2 & 100% Non-toxic Trực Direct production at a modern 10ha factory: Quality meets international standards with Best price ✅ Free shipping & installation in Ho Chi Minh City ✅ Free 1 exchange 1 for technical errors ✅ 2 year warranty & lifetime maintenance.


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